Since its creation 2007 Pandora Pyrotechnie, has a real passion for fireworks. The company today enjoys a national and international reputation in the design of premium entertainment, combining fire, music, light and video, providing a different view of the fireworks.

With new technologies it enables us to achieve performances that reveal a genuine artistic approach, by carefully orchestrated choreography that invite you to a unique sensory and emotional experience.

If passion, professionalism, guarantee quality work, experience and teamwork are the keys to its success. The unique designs of Pandora Pyrotechnie, claiming it to be a recognized reference.



We are experts on a whole range of skills that we use to manage any show to achieve excellence.

Whatever the project, our designs are fully customized and specially devised for the occasion. Our shows are turnkey and made ​​in the rules of the art, in complete safety.

    • Designer
    • Simulation 3D
    • Systèmes de tir numérique
    • Lumière, mapping 3D, ...


    • Large gamme deffets
    • Produits en partie européens
    • Large gamme de couleurs
    • Produits agréés


    • Effets de scène/intèrieur
    • Cinéma et télévision
    • Lances flammes
    • Reconstitutions historiques
    • Roue Maltaise/Allégories


    • Transport A.D.R.
    • Transport international
    • Véhicule EX/II



Black Pool International fireworks 2018, PIPC International fireworks musical contest 2018, Paris Great Ark of Defense, 3rd place at the pyromusical world championship “Pyronale of Berlin” 2017, 1st price Festival Golden Nights La Grande Motte 2014-2015-2017-2018, Cherbourg 100 Years of Titanic, The Lectoure Night fire, 1st Price International fireworks winter festival Courchevel 2015 and winer grand final 2017,  Closing winter International Festival art pyrotechnics Courchevel 2016,  Fireworks live with Russian symphony orchestra Courchevel  since 2015, Arts & Métiers ParisTech School, Opening Matmut stadium/Lou Rugby Lyon,  1er Winter Games Grenoble, Indoor Grenoble rink, Castel of Bucherie, le Grau du Roi, December Illuminations Morestel
For the National Day fireworks among which : Verneuil sur Seine, Saint Brévin les Pins, Marly le Roi, Beauvais, Givors, Lyon, Unieux, Saint-Chamond, Saint Just Saint Rambert, Saint Victor Sur Loire, Sainte Sigolène, Lapte,  Roche la Molière, Andrézieux, Crest, Saint Galmier,  Voiron, Vourey….



For more than 17 years in pyrotechnics, passionate fireworks since childhood, it is after a brief career in mechanics that he decides to make his passion his craft with more than 1,000 pyrotechnic shows to his credit.


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